The 2nd effectuation conference

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Exciting times ahead! We have just recieved the news that the second effectuation conference will be hosted again at EMLYON after the resounding success of the first conference. The conference will be organized in partnership [...]

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Meet the new cohort

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As usual, we accepted 5 students for our Ph.D. in Management. With 53 highly valuable applications, needless to say that selection was tough. We are very happy to introduce the new cohort: an impressive group [...]

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Crossing the Atlantic : Spelling and Terms

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For researchers/students who aim at American publications but tend to use British spelling and terms: 1. A list of differences in word endings to be aware of. 2.  A rather extensive list of online casino British [...]

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One Size Fits All? (But Janice Byrne’s Dissertation Is Bigger!)

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Entrepreneurship is often touted as the answer to a number of societal, economic , institutional and organisational ills.? Universities, SMEs, multinational corporations and other organizational bodies such as the OECD, WEF and the EU are [...]

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