In the BlackBox – Martina Montauti

We were pleased to meet and interview Martina Montauti (IE Business School) during her visit to the STORM research center to present a working paper, "Anchors in Rough Seas: The Impact of Exemplar Products on Category Stability". Post-Doc Thinley Tharchen and PhD Candidate Laura Dupin interviewed Martina about her work on boundary-spanning products, innovation in [...]

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Interview with Yuliya Snihur on Business Model Innovation

Yuliya Snihur visited emlyon business school and gave an E'ship talk about Business Model Innovation. In this interview, Yuliya Snihur, a professor a Toulouse Business School and laureate of the AOM Heizer Dissertation Award, comes back to her experience as a PhD students. She presents her work and anticipations on this rising field of work [...]

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Interview with Emily Truelove and Katherine Kellogg (MIT)

Following the publication of the paper "The Radical Flank Effect and Cross-occupational Collaboration for Technology Development during a Power Shift" in ASQ (Truelove and Kellogg, 2016), the authors were interviewed on the ASQ blog by two PhD students: Kevin Lee (Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University) and Laura Dupin (EMLYON Business School). [...]

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In the Blackbox – Candace Jones

Candace Jones, Chair of Global Creative Enterprise at the University of Edinburgh, gave a STORM seminar on Mar. 9th, 2017, at emlyon business school. Her talk was on the material drivers of institutional change. She was interviewed by emlyon Ph.D. students Muhammad Imran and Lucie Cortambert. Camera & Editing: Joseph Tixier

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In the BlackBox – Tammar Zilber

Kicking off the first of the "In the BlackBox" interview series, we were pleased to meet Tammar Zilber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), while she came to visit the Storm Research Center. We interviewed Tammar on her previous work, reflections on the future, and most importantly, her thoughts on how to stay creative in academia.  Thanks [...]

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12 Ideas for Entrepreneurs

If you are a scholar interested in entrepreneurship and all its different declination and theories or if you are a practitioner, an actual entrepreneur; I think this series of selected videos from TED talks would be a search of ideas to confront with. The topics, presented in the different talks from both practitioners and scholars, [...]

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« The Science Gap » & “Open access explained” (or: PhD Comics… and Serious)

Many of you may be familiar with the popular comic strip based on the academic day life of the average Phd Student (; but you may not know that his creator, Jorge Cham, has actually earned a Phd in Robotics from Stanford University and worked as a research associate at Caltech, before becoming a full-time [...]

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