Dritjon GRUDA defends his Ph.D dissertation

Dritjon GRUDA defends his Ph.D dissertation “I feel so attached: Influence of Attachment Orientations on Leader Perception, Transference and Prototypicality” The oral defense will be held on Monday, September 18th, 2pm (room 1110) The Defense Committee is composed of : Olga Epitropaki (Durham University Business School) Konstantinos Kafetsios (University of Crete) Sonja Rohrmann (Goethe Universität [...]

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3rd EMLyon Videography Workshop / 11-13 May 2017

Apply now to the 3rd Videography Workshop organised at EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France, 11-13 May, 2017. In collaboration with Lifestyle Research Centre, this two-and-half-day intensive workshop is designed particularly for researchers, Phd students, and industry practitioners who wish to communicate their research through video medium, or who wish to prepare a videography submission for a conference, or journal submission. It consists [...]

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Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation

Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation « Maintaining and challenging institutionalized forms of exclusion: Agency, institutional work and postcolonialism ». The oral defense will be held on Wednesday, March 8th, 5pm (room 1112). Jury: Ignasi Marti Lanuza (Principal Supervisor), EMLYON Business School, France Bernard Forgues (Committee Chair), EMLYON Business School, France Stewart Clegg (External Advisor), University of Technology, [...]

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10th PhD outdoor seminar in Chamonix, 12-14 March 2017

Concept of the seminar Your idea takes central stage. At last a seminar where we discuss your ideas! And you get feedback, lots of sharp and constructive feedback. Each student's paper is discussed during one hour (not counting informal discussions around a drink by the fireplace). Plus you go back home with four written reviews, [...]

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Chittima SILBERZAHN will defend her dissertation

Chittima SILBERZAHN will defend her dissertation on November 23rd at 17:00. "Exploring the Link between CEOs’ Short Career Horizon and Their Decision-Making - Three Essays". Jury: Prof. Harry KORINE (external examiner) Prof. Michael A. HITT (external examiner) Prof. Pierre-Yves GOMEZ (main supervisor) Prof. Jean-Luc ARREGLE (second supervisor)  

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Michael KOCH will defend his PhD thesis

Michael KOCH will defend his PhD thesis (joint degree with the Université de Genève) March 4th 2016 at 14:00 (room TBA, GSEM, Uni Mail, Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1211 Genève):  Title: "Antecedents and Consequences of Workforce Differenciation." Co-Main supervisor: Tessa MELKONIAN (EMLYON Business School). Co-Main supervisor: Bernard MORARD (Université de Genève). Prof. Michel FERRARY (Université [...]

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Alliance Portfolios: In Memory of Ulrich Wassmer

Paper Development Workshop Academy of Management Conference Friday, August 7th from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Vancouver Convention Center,  Room 206 Organizers/Panelists: Olga Bruyaka (West Virginia U.) and Dovev Lavie (Technion Israel Institute of Technology) Panelists: John E Prescott; U. of Pittsburgh; Werner Helmut Hoffmann; WU Vienna; Deborah Philippe; U. of Lausanne; Xavier Castañer; U. [...]

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Carine Farias defends her dissertation

Carine Farias defends her Ph.D. dissertation « Construction, Maintenance and Dynamics of an Intentional Community: Producing Social Innovations Through a Collective Re-appropriation of Life ». The oral defense will be held Friday, May 22th, 2015, 3 pm, (Building A, Room 1110). The Defense Committee is composed of: Bobby Banerjee (External Examiner, City University, UK) David Courpasson (Main [...]

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Tao Wang defends his dissertation

Tao Wang defends his Ph.D. dissertation « Who Needs it and Who Cares? Essays on Social Evaluation and Organizational Response ». The oral defense will be held Monday, March 23rd, 2015, 2 pm, (Building A, Room 1108). The Defense Committee is composed of: Rodolphe Durand (External Examiner, HEC Paris) Dror Etzion (External Examiner, McGill University, Canada) Bernard [...]

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