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Interview with Yuliya Snihur on Business Model Innovation

Yuliya Snihur visited emlyon business school and gave an E'ship talk about Business Model Innovation. In this interview, Yuliya Snihur, a professor a Toulouse Business School and laureate of the AOM Heizer Dissertation Award, comes back to her experience as a PhD students. She presents her work and anticipations on this rising field of work [...]

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Interview with Emily Truelove and Katherine Kellogg (MIT)

Following the publication of the paper "The Radical Flank Effect and Cross-occupational Collaboration for Technology Development during a Power Shift" in ASQ (Truelove and Kellogg, 2016), the authors were interviewed on the ASQ blog by two PhD students: Kevin Lee (Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University) and Laura Dupin (EMLYON Business School). [...]

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Meet emlyon PhD students in conferences in 2017

AOM Muhammad Imran: "Geocentric Innovation Model: Innovating Overseas for Disruption" Marjolaine Rostain: "Cultures and their impact on entrepreneurial orientation: a meta-analysis" Aurélie Toivonen: "When all hope is lost: Mobilization fatigue and the aftermath of demobilization" EGOS Marco Bottura: "Organized to cooperate: Institutional logics, jurisdictional struggles and professional collaborations in two Italian medical homes." Laura Dupin: [...]

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In the Blackbox – Candace Jones

Candace Jones, Chair of Global Creative Enterprise at the University of Edinburgh, gave a STORM seminar on Mar. 9th, 2017, at emlyon business school. Her talk was on the material drivers of institutional change. She was interviewed by emlyon Ph.D. students Muhammad Imran and Lucie Cortambert. Camera & Editing: Joseph Tixier

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In the BlackBox – Tammar Zilber

Kicking off the first of the "In the BlackBox" interview series, we were pleased to meet Tammar Zilber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), while she came to visit the Storm Research Center. We interviewed Tammar on her previous work, reflections on the future, and most importantly, her thoughts on how to stay creative in academia.  Thanks [...]

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3rd EMLyon Videography Workshop / 11-13 May 2017

Apply now to the 3rd Videography Workshop organised at EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France, 11-13 May, 2017. In collaboration with Lifestyle Research Centre, this two-and-half-day intensive workshop is designed particularly for researchers, Phd students, and industry practitioners who wish to communicate their research through video medium, or who wish to prepare a videography submission for a conference, or journal submission. It consists [...]

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Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation

Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation « Maintaining and challenging institutionalized forms of exclusion: Agency, institutional work and postcolonialism ». The oral defense will be held on Wednesday, March 8th, 5pm (room 1112). Jury: Ignasi Marti Lanuza (Principal Supervisor), EMLYON Business School, France Bernard Forgues (Committee Chair), EMLYON Business School, France Stewart Clegg (External Advisor), University of Technology, [...]

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10th PhD outdoor seminar in Chamonix, 12-14 March 2017

Concept of the seminar Your idea takes central stage. At last a seminar where we discuss your ideas! And you get feedback, lots of sharp and constructive feedback. Each student's paper is discussed during one hour (not counting informal discussions around a drink by the fireplace). Plus you go back home with four written reviews, [...]

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Chittima SILBERZAHN will defend her dissertation

Chittima SILBERZAHN will defend her dissertation on November 23rd at 17:00. "Exploring the Link between CEOs’ Short Career Horizon and Their Decision-Making - Three Essays". Jury: Prof. Harry KORINE (external examiner) Prof. Michael A. HITT (external examiner) Prof. Pierre-Yves GOMEZ (main supervisor) Prof. Jean-Luc ARREGLE (second supervisor)  

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