An opportunity to get constructive feedback on your doctoral work,connect with great fellow PhDs and profs, and have the opportunity to ski the mythical Vallée Blanche!


Your idea takes central stage. At last a seminar where we discuss your ideas! And you get feedback, lots of sharp and constructive feedback. Each student’s paper is discussed during one hour (not counting informal discussions over a drink by the fireplace). Plus you go back home with four written reviews, two by profs, two by other PhDs.

The seminar is also a fantastic opportunity to network with passionate academics. The group is small enough to favor interactions, and the prof/student ratio is unheard of: 9 profs, 12 students.

Note that we fully expect everyone to stay for the entire duration of the seminar and to attend all sessions. You will have to provide written reviews on two papers by fellow PhDs.


Zero. Thanks, emlyon ☺

Accommodation & Travel

emlyon business school is paying for hotel and half-board for two nights. This means that if you’re coming only for the seminar, you will have no expenses except traveling. Should you wish to stay longer and ski, you’re on your own, but remember to book in advance.

We have reserved rooms in wonderful three-star Hotel Labrador in Chamonix (see Ph.D. students share rooms with another student.

You will have to make travel arrangements to the seminar yourself. Chamonix is easily reached by train, air, and land; check their website:


February 5th: Send your application by email to Bernard Forgues: forgues@emlyon. com. It should include a 1-to-2-page summary of your paper, your vitae, and a support letter from your advisor.

February 19th: Send the final version of your paper, which we will circulate to your assigned reviewers.

March 11th: The seminar being very intensive, make sure you arrive fully prepared.

You won’t have time to work at night.
Deadline extensions cannot be granted.


Sunday 11th, 2:30-7:00 pm: seminar
Monday 12th, morning: ski
Monday 12th, 2:00-6:30 pm: seminar
Tuesday 13th, 8:00-13:00: seminar

Confirmed Faculty Members

Jean-Luc Arrègle, emlyon
Frederic Delmar, Lund
Giuseppe Delmestri, WU Wien
Bernard Forgues, emlyon
Julien Jourdan, Paris-Dauphine
Ignasi Martí, emlyon
Wesley Sine, Cornell
Karl Wennberg, Linköping
Filippo Wezel, Lugano & emlyon


Bernard Forgues: