EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Advanced Strategic Management: News from colleagues in Paris

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Since Monday, two of our PhD colleagues, Laura Dupin and Rajiv Dhoubhadel are taking part of “EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Advanced Strategic Management” organized by INSEAD, and IESE Business School at INSEAD campus, Fontainebleau, France. [...]

Meet emlyon PhD students in conferences in 2017

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AOM Muhammad Imran: "Geocentric Innovation Model: Innovating Overseas for Disruption" Marjolaine Rostain: "Cultures and their impact on entrepreneurial orientation: a meta-analysis" Aurélie Toivonen: "When all hope is lost: Mobilization fatigue and the aftermath of demobilization" [...]

3rd EMLyon Videography Workshop / 11-13 May 2017

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Apply now to the 3rd Videography Workshop organised at EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France, 11-13 May, 2017. In collaboration with Lifestyle Research Centre, this two-and-half-day intensive workshop is designed particularly for researchers, Phd students, and industry practitioners who [...]

Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation

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Tapiwa Seremani defends his dissertation « Maintaining and challenging institutionalized forms of exclusion: Agency, institutional work and postcolonialism ». The oral defense will be held on Wednesday, March 8th, 5pm (room 1112). Jury: Ignasi Marti Lanuza (Principal [...]

Alliance Portfolios: In Memory of Ulrich Wassmer

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Paper Development Workshop Academy of Management Conference Friday, August 7th from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Vancouver Convention Center,  Room 206 Organizers/Panelists: Olga Bruyaka (West Virginia U.) and Dovev Lavie (Technion Israel Institute of Technology) [...]

Many are called but few are chosen

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Our school recently had the honor of welcoming Prof. Howard Aldrich. "In entrepreneurship, as in the biblical story, many are called but few are chosen. Although the propensity to entrepreneurship varies from Green 2 recover [...]

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Carine Farias defends her dissertation

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Carine Farias defends her Ph.D. dissertation « Construction, Maintenance and Dynamics of an Intentional Community: Producing Social Innovations Through a Collective Re-appropriation of Life ». The oral defense will be held Friday, May 22th, 2015, 3 pm, [...]